Professor M.A.R. Barker devoted over 50 years to creating the World of Tékumel, developing it into a vivid science-fantasy setting with rich backgrounds and unique cultural identities. Inspired not only by the pulp SF and fantasy of the mid-20th century, but also by the rich civilisations of Moghul India, Ancient Egypt and he Aztecs, Tékumel sets the stage for a role-playing experience unlike any other.


Thank you for your interest in sending a proposal for creative materials to be approved for Tékumel! Before submitting a full proposal, we encourage people to send a brief query about their potential business proposals to produce creative materials approved for Tékumel. Sending a query first may help you to avoid working on proposals for products which are not a good fit for the world of Tékumel, or which might not fit the needs of the Foundation. As part of your query, please include a brief description of your proposed material and other information relevant to your request. You may contact the Tékumel Foundation via the submission form below with no attachment, or send e-mail to info @

Once you have made a query, you may be invited to submit a business proposal for consideration by the Foundation. Your proposal should include, at a minimum, the following:

  • a description of your proposed material you would like approved for Tékumel;
  • a summary of your business and marketing plans for the material;
  • any prior or current business experience; and
  • any other material you think relevant to your proposal.

Please be aware that any proposal which involves charging for the materials produced, including on a cost recovery basis, cannot be covered under the Foundation’s fan license and will require a business proposal aimed at a For Profit project (see our Policies page.

Our postal address for queries and business proposal submissions is:
The Tékumel Foundation
2500 University Ave. West, Box 23
St. Paul, MN, USA 55114

And again our e-mail address is info @